American Football Wall Clock

American Football Wall Clock by Timeworks ClocksClassic storybook art and a playful sense of humor combine to bring you a children’s clock line that will spark the imagination in youngsters and spark memories in grown-ups with whimsical themes, such as, floating animals,
American Football Wall Clock toy trains, and classic children’s tales. These heirloom quality clocks are individually handcrafted, right here in the U.S.A. We use the finest components available - solid, hand-antiqued brass for cases and pendulums, die-cut steel hands with timeworn patinas and beautifully finished frames. The quartz clock movements are the finest obtainable to ensure reliability and trouble-free service. Clock measures 13” high. Some assembly is required.

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Benjamin Franklin (American Lives (Heinemann Sagebrush))

Benjamin Franklin was an American diplomat, inventor,
Benjamin Franklin (American Lives (Heinemann Sagebrush)) printer, scientist, and writer. Can you imagine what his life must have been like? What he was like as a person? Get to know Benjamin Franklin through this book. Find out why he ran away from home when

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